Eclectic yet elegant, unique yet relatable, non-traditional yet easy to fit with any home; Jamie Young Co. brings together a wide range of handcrafted designs inspired by near and far.

For over two decades, the husband and wife team of Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter have worked together as Jamie Young Co., using their love of art, architecture, and adventure to craft approachable, design-driven pieces.

From coast to coast, and around the world, the duo is inspired by their global travels as well as the comfortable and covetable designs of their home in Southern California. Jamie Young Co. brings both worlds together for a down-to-earth yet distinct approach to design.

Even before they joined forces to create Jamie Young Co. in 1997, Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter have always been inspired by the intersection between elegance and casual living.

Jamie, born and bred in California, loves to bring non-traditional yet approachable design into the home. Finding inspiration from her home, she elevates the joy and warmth of coastal living with modern yet comfortable design. David, a sculptor and artist working in casting, takes influence from materials around the world, putting his artist’s touch on those materials to make them beautifully accessible.

But it was through travel, around the country and around the world, that the couple found a harmony between their aesthetics. Together they started Jamie Young Co. to bring their vision to life, and into the homes of others.

As Jamie Young Co. expanded over the years, the duo has had the opportunity to travel near and far – collecting inspiration, skills, and unparalleled designs.

Backed by years of expertise, Jamie Young Co. takes these globally-inspired influences and makes home furnishings that are a perfect fit for a home well-traveled.

Photos and Content: Courtesy of Jamie Young Co.