Originating in Japan in 1981, Lazy Susan is an innovative furniture and home accessories company. With a clean and simple design aesthetic, the company is focused on creating curated eclectic home collections. Inventively mixing modern and traditional design elements, every piece is unique and beautiful with a foundation in classic design styles.

Each season, Lazy Susan incorporates current trends with inviting color palettes to create beautiful collections that inspire and behold. During the design and development process, we strive to create pieces that blend effortlessly with personal heirlooms, arrange comfortably in collection groups, as well as stand alone as room defining focal points. Our goal is to develop collections that compliment living spaces and express personal style.

Artisans from around the globe are an integral part of bringing the Lazy Susan collections to life. Working with local craftsmen provides the unique opportunity to find and mix eco-friendly regional natural resources into the product collections. Uncommon materials pairings help create visually exciting and stimulating pieces with strong roots in the natural beauty of organics.

Commitment to design excellence and creative originality has allowed Lazy Susan to build relationships with many of the hottest home accessory and furniture retailers across the United States. Premier domestic and international hotels, resorts, event designers and television programs come to Lazy Susan for distinctive pieces on the leading edge of style and trends.