We also believe in the everyday indulgence of superior quality found in fine bed linens. Super soft sheets, artisan-crafted duvet covers and coverlets, and sumptuous blankets and throws that come in neutral hues to make your bedroom a restful sanctuary.

Over the years, we’ve seen bedding trends come and go. But, those that are authentic thankfully remain. We confess that the all-white bed is still our favorite. And, that natural colors top our must-have list, simply because they never go out of style. These are hues that always look good because they are the most versatile.


Peacock Alley subscribes to layering as part of our design approach. We carefully consider all elements of a bedding set and use each layer to add in color, texture, depth, and dimension, all the while maintaining our credo that simple design in few colors is the most appealing. To build the perfect bed, you must first select your sheets. They are the closest thing to your skin. The right sheet is a personal choice and is paramount to waking up feeling refreshed.

In place of a quilt or comforter, choose from our distinctive duvets and coverlets. We work with some of the finest family-owned mills in Italy and Portugal to bring you the unique designs that will emphasize your individual style. Our collection of finely woven fabrics and subtle patterns makes it easy for you to design the bed of your dreams.


All of our Bedding basics share a few key elements: First, quality is key. Each sheet, pillow case, coverlet and duvet will wash well and feel better as you use it. Second, you can’t go wrong pick a color, because all Peacock Alley colors work together. Last, thanks to their simplicity, all of these options can fit into any design scheme.


We believe that treasured memories and beloved keepsakes are what make a house a home. That’s why Peacock Alley designs each piece in our Modern Heirloom collection with care and craftsmanship — to ensure it stands the tests of time and trends. Each heirloom blanket is made to last, made to love, and made to pass on to those who matter most.

Peacock Alley heirloom bedding is tailored and timeless, crafted to stand up to real life and retain its beauty for years to come. Our classic Kate, Charlotte, Ava, Cadence, and Lizbeth collections combine elegant simplicity with timeless durability. Purchase an heirloom blanket and rest secure in the knowledge that it’ll be with you and yours for a very good, very long time.

Meticulous craftsmanship and time-honored styling mean your modern heirloom blanket can be layered or showcased in any room. Each of these blankets makes a versatile, elegant keepsake. Peacock Alley heirloom throws are gifts that give and give — warm reminders of you that the recipient will cherish.

Well made. Well loved. Well lived.