According to research analysis firm Smith Leonard, new furniture orders in 2020 increased by more than half the sales volume of August 2019. The year-to-date sales volume totaled six percent above 2019 figures. Despite lengthy stay-at-home orders, most buyers purchased their new decor in a furniture showroom. If your current furniture shows its age, it’s time to replace it with something a cut above. The following situations justify buying new furniture.

1. Life Stage Changes

If you recently graduated from high school or college, you will soon move into your first apartment or home. Although a futon served as sofa and bed and some cinder blocks and one-by-six boards made great shelves in your dorm, you need some adult furniture: a queen- or king-sized bed, a dining table and at least four chairs, a dresser or two, a genuine sofa, and a professional desk with ergonomic office chair. You can find everything you need at a furniture showroom.

2. Sagging Mattresses or Cushions

If you inherited your sofa or side chairs from family or you rescued your current bedroom ensemble from a thrift store, and the mattresses or cushions sag, you need new furniture. Sagging couch cushions and mattresses play havoc on your back. So do yourself a favor and buy something with proper support.

3. Torn or Worn Upholstery

Unless you love covers on everything you own, torn or worn upholstery looks like you don’t care about your home. With toddlers and pets, rips and tears in the upholstery dictate replacing your furniture ASAP. Tears expose springs and rips might allow pets and children to ingest and choke on padding.

4. Cracked Frames and Broken Legs

Kids and pets love jumping on furniture, causing frames to crack. Also, frequent moving to clean under large items loosens legs, causing them to break. Although you might repair some things, you eventually need a furniture showroom visit.

5. Assembling a Professional Home Office

With so many people working from home and children taking classes online, a dedicated office with an ergonomic desk and chair are necessities, not luxuries.

Shop for the best deals online before you visit a furniture showroom. Next, take advantage of apps that help you envision how pieces will look together. Then, measure everything, especially entry doors, hallways, and landings, to ensure your selected furniture fits, especially after assembly. Finally, check the parts list against the box contents, and make sure you have the right tools to assemble everything.

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